Designed primarily as an anti-pull training lead these hand-made leads can be configured in three ways

  • As a slip lead
  • As a halter / headcollar / figure of 8 training lead which is a highly effective system proven to stop your dog pulling. Instructions included
  • As a fixed collar and lead for general exercise


The Multi-Lead is a top quality, 3 in 1 Training Lead made from soft strong braid with a leather stopper which is comfortable for both dog and handler. Durable and weather resistant it is quick and easy to use and fit. Suitable for most sizes and breeds.


Hand-made to order these leads are 1.8 metres long


available in two widths

 6mm(thin) or 8mm(thick)


and in 7 colours


Choose from

 Brass, Stainless or Neochrome fittings


No-Pull Slip Lead (Nickel)                                                £12.50

No-Pull Slip Lead (Brass or Neochrome)        £15.00

Gill Kennedy-Sloane

Leads can be delivered to most Championship Shows or posted @  £2.50


Multi-Lead- Stop your dog pulling NOW!

* Feed the lead through the figure of 8 buckle to form two loops 

* Place the back loop (with the chrome ring) over the dog's head

* Position the chrome ring centrally at back of the neck

* Place the front loop up over the dog's nose

* Pull the lead to a secure & comfortable position for the dog

* Move the stopper towards the back of the neck to prevent the loop from slipping open

When walking keep the lead taut and short, the fit firm and the pace brisk.

The Multi-Lead can also be used as a slip lead by creating a single loop and moving the figure of 8 buckle as desired. Use as a full check or half check slip




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